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AfriBix is a fashion and lifestyle brand providing activewear, footwear, bags and accessories for everyday use. AfriBix makes products just for you through a unique fusion of eye catching aesthetics and issues you care about. We infuse humour, intellect, symbols and colours into our prints. From comfy leggings to athletic shorts, to bedside rugs, you'll look and feel both stylish and comfortable. We have something for everyone and our Kids collection enables you match outfits and shoes for the whole family. Fashion that enables you be you. 

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Authentic patterns and designs are the foundation of what we do, our aim is to  unite a tribe of passionate and driven individuals who want to inspire and change the world. Our designs are bold, authentic and witty and help you express your individuality, heritage and passions without compromising on style and comfort. We are the new, contemporary expression of heritage. Celebrate your heritage and personality with clothing, footwear and accessories that are performance driven with style in mind.

We believe that the greatest gift you can give is the gift of individuality and this is part of our founding values. This concept, is the inspiration behind our motto "My Body I My Art I My Way". With our statement pieces and vibrant prints designed for trendy pacesetters, there's something for every taste and you and only you, determine your style!


Afribix CEO Jamie Ogbuigwe


AfriBix was created by Jemima Ogbuigwe known as Jamie to friends and family. Jamie is a certified personal trainer whose passion for body positivity and inclusivity led her to build AfriBix, a brand with designs that are bold, elegant, promote individuality, celebrate diversity and are functional.

The patterns, prints and designs for each product and collection are designed by Jamie. She puts a lot of love and intention into each design to ensure that each product is in line with the AfriBix motto "My Body, My Art, My Way". Jamie is very passionate about creating prints and patterns that empower people, promote love and celebrate Humanity.

In Jamie's words "In my dreams, I am creating. I see a world where people who value individuality, style & heritage wear everything AfriBix. Fashion to me is wearable art that’s functional, daring and cool. Pieces that transcend single use, pieces you can wear over and over again and style for different uses. Pieces that help promote your personal message.   During the design process, it is very important to me that I create patterns & designs that incorporated culture, passions and heritage in a fresh way. With AfriBix, you don’t just get a product, you are gifted an experience too".


Covid-19 contribution - As part of my contribution to making the times we live in a little bit more bearable, I have subsidised all our face masks to make them more affordable. AfriBix is currently not making any profit from the sale of our masks.

 Afribix charity contributions



As part of our commitment to positive change, 5% of our annual profit goes towards charitable causes. Each purchase you make, helps increase our ability to be a force for good. Since our launch, we have contributed to three organisations in Africa - 

Abuja Fun Walk - An annual charity event created to promote awareness for HIV/AIDS and Sickle Cell Anemia.

Mamas In Need - A charity focused on addressing the issues and challenges women face during pregnancy in rural villages in Africa.

Emmanuel Foundation for Missions - A charity set up to support the poor, widows and orphans in Africa. EFM in 2019 renovated a secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria and also donated books, stationary and shoes to the school. With your patronage, AfriBix will positively impact more lives in Africa.     


Core Values

The purpose of our company values are to direct and unify the collective actions of everyone at AfriBix to ensure that we are heading in the same direction. Our values are not just words, they are a clear outline of what we believe and strive for. 

Integrity - Built into our business culture is ensuring we deliver the best in all we do and hold ourselves accountable to our values. Businesses can make money without doing evil, positive change begins with us!  

Ubuntu - Our success is dependent on the collective success of our stakeholders. We are because you are, we treat all our stakeholders with respect, fairness and integrity, expecting the same in return. People are the source of our strength and growth as a brand, together we make a difference.  

Individuality and Diversity - At AfriBix, we do not discriminate. Inclusivity is built into our processes, we strive to be the brand that you can relate to. It is very important to us that each person is empowered to express themselves in an authentic way. The gift of self expression is on all should receive.  

Social responsibility - A true reflection of a business is how it impacts the lives of others. To demonstrate this, we give 5% of our annual profits to charitable causes.   

Respect - We value the relationships we build and encourage our partners and patrons to do the same. Respect for all people and the courage to shape a better future.  

Body positivity - Changing the narrative on how society defines beauty and body sizes. All bodies are to be respected regardless of physic ability, size, gender, race or appearance.  

Sustainable Relationships - Building and maintaining positive relationships with our patrons, partners and suppliers is key to what we do. Together we grow, our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we strive to meet or exceed expectations and to make your shopping experience a satisfied one.  

Continuous Improvement - We continuously review our systems and products to ensure we are making the best use of the resources at our disposal. Customer feedback is very important to us as it helps us innovate and grow.