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Authentic expresion is core at AfriBix, our prints and designs convey special stories that help kickstart meaningful conversations. Let your outfit do the talking. Explore our collections below.


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Jewels by AfriBix

Jewels by AfriBix

Jewels by AfriBix was created to provide beautiful luxury jewellery that embodies a... 

Luxe Bead Bags

Hand crafted bead hand bags 

  • AfriBix 101 - Your household afroinspired brand

    Are you a fashion enthusiast who loves to look great and also feel comfortable no matter where you go or what you do? 


    Do you love to make bold statements ... tap to read more

  • What to look for in Activewear you can wear in & out of the gym.

    There is an art to styling activewear in a way that you can wear it in and out of the gym, so that it doesn’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed or ... tap to read more

  • Beautiful set

    I love this beautiful beaded necklace with the classic touch of pearls. Ordered and received in record time, really happy with my purchase

  • Bold and Beautiful

    When I first saw the design of these leggings I fell in love. But it was nothing compared to when I received them in the post. Communication from the seller was top notch, I was informed of where my package was every step of the way.

    The material and design is makes you want to get up and move around and do something.

    Even if it's getting your steps in, these leggings are a conversational piece.

    For me it was a talking point on squat day. 

    Can't wait to add more of these to my fitness wardrobe.

  • Beautiful Bag

    When I got this bag thought Christmas came early. Love the pidgin worlds on it and got matching shoes to go with it.  Anytime I’m out get compliments about it and asked where I got it from. Definitely a keeper .

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