Collection: NormaliseDis

The AfriBix NormaliseDis Collection is a reflection of the world we currently live in, it’s very different from the one we left in 2019. The new normal is half covered faces, physical distancing, long-distance relationships and locked doors. We’ve adapted, we’ve normalised this way of living, we’ll come out stronger and we’ll survive this together! This collection uses Graphic animation and humour to portray this message in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Here’s what some members of the AfriBix family think of our collection. "I see a rose growing from something “dead”. The fertility of brown skin and those who want the demise of the black race will fail because like seeds, we persevere through tough times". Very creative! This collection shows the different sides of people, it shows a different you that can be dangerous but in there, lies a soft spot that loves.