Collection: Emotan Coral Collection

Emotan in Coral fire

Six centuries ago a girl was born to a regular family in a regular village of the Benin Kingdom. Named Uwaraye, she grew into a deliberate woman who could not be pressured.


Uwaraye refused marriage past the age considered fashionable at the time and was eventually bunded to a man’s house in Benin. Frustrated by her ‘slow’ pace, he nicknamed her Emitan: lazy bones. Her name Emitan eventually evolved into Emotan: the identity by which our muse would come to be known throughout the Benin Kingdom and history.


Afribix’s Emotan: In Honour of Legacy

These Genuine Coral pieces are the spirit of creativity, love, industry, justice, and collective conscience.

Our muse Emotan was a thread spiner of unmatched artistry. Her exceptional creations drew patronage to the Ekioba market; significantly improving local economy and growing her popularity.

Emotan was known for her acts of kindness, she eventually transformed her shop into Nigeria’s first documented creche. Mothers entrusted children to her care while they went trading. Prince Ogun, exiled and lined up for assassination by self-serving chiefs, also entrusted his life to Emotan. Sneaking into Benin, the heir plotted to regain his kingdom from refuge of Emotan's shop.


Who should Emotan adorn?

Those seeking to impact change through practice and creativity, not caving to the world’s bitterness and harshness.

The woman whose heart bleeds love, industry, courage, justice... humanity.

 May the spirit of Emotan strengthen yours; Queen.

* * *

Prince Ogun eventually ascended the throne of his fathers around 1440 AD as Oba Ewuare.

He spoke of the ordinary girl from an ordinary home in an ordinary village. He called her Queen of Ekioba and mandated she be honoured by the Benin Kingdom for all ages to come.


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