What to look for in Activewear you can wear in & out of the gym.

What to look for in Activewear you can wear in & out of the gym.

Contemporary activewear transcends gym wear, it's activewear you can style in and out of the gym. Being comfortable while being stylish is key. The ability to incorporate athleisure into your closet gives you that elegant laid back look.


Great activewear and athleisure designers know how much we love comfort & style, and as a result, offer super stylish, fun, and vibrant activewear and footwear. In fact, some styles can feel a little too stylish to even sweat in! From throwing on a hoodie with running leggings and some chunky boots, to wearing a loose off-shoulder tee, with shorts and running shoes, the style options are endless. Athleisure brings a whole new meaning to looking good, feeling good and has become a wardrobe staple!


There is an art to styling activewear in a way that you can wear it in and out of the gym, so that it doesn’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed or are still in your pjs. Here are some tips and ideas to help you transition your gym clothes seamlessly from working out to shopping, to the school run, or going out for lunch with friends. These tips will show you what to look out for, so you can feel confident & trendy.


Mix Up Materials

Afribix activewear with african inspired print kimono cover up

If you want to take a look from gym to leisure, then you need to mix up your fabrics. If you have a full lycra outfit for cycling, you may want to switch up the look before going to the store. To make your activewear look chic, play around with different materials. Pair lycra leggings, with other items that aren’t normally seen as activewear like a kimono cover-up or a jacket. This will immediately transform your look from just sporty to contemporary chic.


Quality Pieces

Afribix activewear pidgin print unisex tshirt

If you are someone that doesn’t go to the gym that often, then you may think that you can get away with wearing your old jogging bottoms and t-shirt to achieve an athleisure look. Wrong! To achieve this look, it is best if your clothes aren’t paint-splattered and covered in holes! Select items of clothing that are well made, bold, vibrant and stylish much like ours at AfriBix, as well as clothes that are clean and pristine. They should fit you well, be clean and look great. This way, you have the comfort of activewear, but also the style to take the athleisure look from the gym to hanging out with friends.


Show Personality

I lift weights and go on dates too AfriBix Activewear tank top

Some people like neutral colours, while others prefer bold, vibrant, and clothing that reflects their personality. To stand out, look for clothing that has a unique and bright print. Slogan tees and vibrant prints, for example, are a really big trend, and are a great way to express yourself depending on your mood; ‘I lift weights and go on dates too’, anyone? For vibrant prints, you can also opt for activewear with Afroinspired print. Say no and step away from bland, and inject a bit of personality to your activewear. If there ever was a trend to have some fun with, then this would be it. Even Queen Bey rocks prints so you know, where there’s colour there’s inspiration.


Items that Layer Up

 Afribix activewear  and accessories in african inspired print

A great way to transition a tank top and leggings from Zumba class to dinner would be to layer up with a kimono, blazer or long sweatshirt. Pair this with vibrant print trainers/sneakers or boots and you are ready for the runway. When shopping, look for pieces that are cross-functional, activewear you can style for an updated look. Think about adding layers that are a little unexpected, like having a sweater around your waist, or layering with tees or a hoodie. Layers add a certain je ne sais quoi to make your activewear look much more stylish, rather than just something you’d wear at the gym. Accessories are also a good way to layer up, Choose a gym bag that’s trendy, for example, the AfriBix Tribal Print Tote or Leisure backpack. You could also choose one of our body bags for a hip look.


If you are someone that likes to have your athleisure game on point, then why not check out AfriBix Tribal Print Collection for some vibrant, stylish, and unique prints? They are just what you need for activewear that fits in with your busy lifestyle.



 Afribix backpack and trainers in african print

The beauty of owning trainers that incorporate prints and patterns is that you can wear them to exercise and then to shop and have lunch with friends. Trainers with bold prints are versatile because you can dress them to suit multiple occasions. Gym , shopping ,travel , movies , lunch , festival and the list goes on and on. However you want to style it, you decide because at AfriBix our motto is My Body, My Art, My Way. Check out our trainers collection for the perfect pair of afroinspired print shoes.

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