How to incorporate African flare into your wardrobe

How to incorporate African flare into your wardrobe


Contrary to the popular belief and opinion that Africa is outdated and backwards, African inspired fashion is taking the world by storm and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. African inspired fashion or Afroinspired fashion as we call it here at AfriBix is bold, authentic, vibrant, colourful, has unique patterns and sophisticated prints that capture the true strength and amazing character of African heritage. It makes you fall in love at the very first sight of it, Afroinspired fashion is wearable art that’s made for you.


Afroinspired fashion is about self-expression, the unique prints and designs give you outfits and accessories you won’t find on the high street. Ingrained in the DNA of AfriBix is the concept of individual expression, our motto is ‘My Body, My Art, My Way’ is based on this. We believe that one's individuality and personality should not be dictated by anyone but you. You decide what your style is, we provide the tools you need to make that happen and in this post, we share some tips to help you achieve this.

 AfriBix Leggings

AfriBix is a lifestyle brand that has the same authority and presence as any other international brand with the added twist - a unique fusion of Western and African designs in a way that’s contemporary, unique and bold. You no longer have to choose; traditional or modern, why limit yourself when you can have it all.


Here are three tips on how to incorporate Afroinspired designs into your wardrobe -



 AfriBix Women's Activewear

Need inspiration to exercise? Search no further; nothing says gym time like an outfit that makes you want to show it off 24/7. Your new challenge would be forcing yourself to take a rest day. Say goodbye to bland colours and say hello to pieces that don’t just serve a purpose but look great and more importantly, make you feel great and capture your personality. Clothing that has meaning, is high-performing, comfortable and stylish, turn every exercise session into a runway event. What's more, because of the bold prints, you can wear these in and out of the gym.



AfriBix swimwear

The trick to getting the perfect swimwear is PRINT and PATTERNS! Prints and patterns when placed strategically flatter your figure, show off what you want and hide what you don’t want to show off. Also, a  combination of different prints also adds a certain je ne se quoi to any piece. Be it the classic one-piece, bikini, tankini, monokini, shorts, kimonos, you name it; add a splash of colour or patterns or both and you turn the regular to extraordinary. Head over to our swimwear collection for a bit of inspiration for your next beach day.


Shoes, bags and accessories

AfriBix Accessories

Transform a simple look to a vibrant chic ensemble by getting your favourites in bold prints. Trainers - tick, heels - tick, waist bags - tick, handbags - tick, backpacks - tick, wallets - tick and lots more. You can now add a pop of colour to compliment every outfit. Take that all-black attire or denim jacket ensemble to a whole new level with some patterned sneakers or heels. Whatever your style is, there’s a print for you.

So head over to to see our full range of products, We promise it will be worth your while!


Written by Onome Ukoli

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